Album Covers

 Album Covers   


June Tabor and Oysterband : Ragged Kingdom : Release date Autumn 2011                                                  










June Tabor: Ashore : released in March 2011 



The June Tabor Ashore video includes my June Tabor Portraits and sea images.

Released by Topic Records on U-tube.

It is uncredited: spot the desaturated stills of June, and the seascapes, boats, ropes and nets, shot at Deal and Leigh on Sea.


ArtCreative Design and Custom coding


Beth Nielsen Chapman: Back To Love: 2010










Rupa and the April Fishes : Este Mundo: 2010


Rupa and the April Fishes commissioned a cover shoot in Tijuana Mexico on the beach on the border with USA.

The idea was to show the migrancy issues that the border creates..............










Seckou Keita: The Silimbo Passage


Oysterband: Meet You There








Blue Blokes 3: Stubble